3 years ago

We are delighted that you have registered with PROFIT. Growing your enterprise through international trade will require determination and hard work but will ultimately be rewarding. We have considerable expertise and experience on which you can draw as you develop your ideas. It might help to ensure that we have a fruitful relationship if we set out our commitment to you and our expectations of you but first we set out some of the benefits that accrue from trading or investing internationally.

Benefits of international trade

  • Companies that export become more productive and more competitive;
  • Companies that trade internationally can easily double their revenue;
  • International traders often appear more progressive and are perceived by others as more credible, including to prospective staff, enabling them to recruit staff with greater levels of aspiration;
  • Companies that trade internationally find new markets for products or services that may be reaching maturity in the home market but can also identify innovations that could be applied in their home market;
  • Companies that invest internationally open up new markets as well as tapping diverse expertise;
  • Companies that work together across borders can find it easier to trade with third countries; and
  • Companies that are active in several markets spread their risks and thus become more resilient to market shocks and more likely to survive.