About the programme

Promoting regional opportunities for investment and trade.


PROFIT Accelerator is a programme of the Asian Development Bank to promote regional opportunities for investment and trade. It is aimed at businesses in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam and in India who would like to grow their business through international trade.

  • You may have already dipped your toe in the water and now want to take a more strategic approach.
  • You may have occasionally engaged in export or import and now want to build this aspect of your business.
  • You may want to partner to develop an innovation or to enter a new market.
  • You may simply be looking for distributors in another country.
  • You may have spotted a product that could sell in your country and need to be able to import it.
  • Or you may be considering investing in a foreign business or setting up a subsidiary in a foreign country.

Whilst the focus is on increasing trade relationships between India and the Greater Mekong Sub-region, the target of your sales could be further afield. You may want, perhaps, to form a partnership to create synergy but see your potential customers in the US or Europe.

If you see yourself in any of these statements, then spend a few minutes exploring how we can help you. The page called “Trading internationally” describes the steps through which businesses typically progress as they start to trade internationally. The page called “Accelerate your business growth” describes the support that we can provide.

Supporting businesses in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and India grow across the region.

We are here to support your growth and help you find new customers, partners and distributors in other countries.



Businesses that are accepted will be invited to participate in an introductory module, available as a mix of video presentations, reading, assignments and online webinars and lasting approximately half a day in total, and which will set out what businesses should expect from engaging in international trade.


We have six training modules covering topics such as planning to export, researching the market, export market entry strategies, developing an international trade strategy, planning, accessing trade credit and sources of further information. These will all be delivered through a mix of video presentation, reading and live webinar facilitated by an international trade expert.


After the training, participants will be invited to prepare an international trade plan. This can be very short but will set out their key objectives including what they want to do (export, find a partner for a joint venture, import, etc), the type of business(es) that they seek as partners and the financial resources required.


Once you have completed the first training module, we will introduce you to a mentor who will provide advice and guidance as you develop your international trade plan. If you have specific questions about a target country that your mentor cannot answer, or if you need additional support to find partners in your target country, then you will also be able to call on a target country mentor. The accelerator managers will handle the process of matching businesses and mentors.


In an ideal world, as a business grows and becomes sufficiently established to think about planned growth, it will start to look beyond domestic markets to international opportunities.

While some business may have sufficient resources to undertake detailed research and to seek out potential partners, whether as customers, or as suppliers, or as joint venturers, most SMEs do not have any of the appropriate skill and knowledge to grow in the international stage.

The PROFIT Accelerator programme is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills so businesses in the region have the ability to start exploring international opportunities by allocating the necessary resources.

Increasing trade relationships and investment between India and the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

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