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Miheer Ghotikar

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Miheer Ghotikar is the Executive Director of HD Fire Protect Pvt. Ltd., a leading manufacturer and a global supplier of fire-fighting products. Miheer leads the company’s strategy, global sales and marketing, supply chain, and operations.

Under his leadership, the sales distribution has expanded to over 75 countries and established world-class factories and overseas offices, agreed numerous international partnerships and secured a range of international regulatory product approvals. Miheer is a member of several standards advisory panels and professional associations and is on the board of the Federation of Industries of India. He has worked in the USA as well as India. He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, where he completed Owner/President Management Program in 2015. He holds a Bachelors in Engineering, in Biomedical Engineering, from the University of Mumbai and a Master of Science, also in Biomedical Engineering, from the University of South Florida. Along with his wife, he manages the “Heart Parents Foundation”, a non-profit trust supporting parents and families of children suffering from congenital heart diseases.

Vinayak Hajare

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Vinayak Hajare has many years experience of international trade and investment and has been involved in many mergers and acquisitions across borders. In 2004, he set up an investment banking consultancy and in 2007 partnered with InterGest to set up InterGest South Asia.

InterGest South Asia has supported many European countries to set up subsidiaries in India and handles all their administration. It also supports Indian companies wishing to set up businesses in other countries, drawing on the InterGest partner network in over 50 countries. Vinayak sits on the boards of several companies and is a member of the management committee of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. he has a degree in physics and a Master's in Financial Management.

Sudhakar Kasture

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Sudhakar is Founder and Mentor at Exim Institute in Mumbai. The institute offers an Advanced Certificate Program in International Trade. Over the last 27 years, they have trained more than 5,500 people wanting to learn more about exporting.

Sudhakar holds a Masters Degree in Foreign Trade which, combined with 46 years of work experience, 40 years of consultancy experience and 27 years of mentoring makes him a great adviser.

Sim Kong

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Between 1997 and 2007, Sim Kong worked in trading and logistic businesses as well as in the not for profit sector protecting the environment and supporting agri-based enterprise.

Following his MBA, which he achieved in 2007, he has largely been acting as consultant to a wide range of organisations, mostly agriculture related. More recently years, he has been mentoring youth oriented agri-enterprise.

Carola Krainz

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

An entrepreneur and consultant with 15+ years of international marketing, communications, and business development experience, Carola has launched and developed multiple businesses and has a proven track record of effective international business development and growth strategies.

She currently serves as a Communications Expert for the World Bank Group and as a marketing and branding specialist and consultant for international organisations such as the German Government’s GIZ agency as well as Asian Development Bank promoting trading opportunities between South East Asia and Europe.

Viraj Kulkarni

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Viraj Kulkarni has over three decades of international experience in senior management positions in the banking and financial Sector, having served at leading global institutions including Citibank, J P Morgan, BNP Paribas and Morgan Stanley.

Thereafter he founded PIVOT Management Consulting, based in India and Cyprus. PIVOT’s focus areas include advising corporates and banks in developing strategy, products, operations, thought leadership, cross-border solutions, ease of doing business, training, marketing and innovation. Viraj has additionally written extensively on the banking sector and published 18 papers in the domestic and international media. He holds director positions in companies in India and overseas and is the CEO of TSSAG, UK. He has featured in Capital Markets Media and writes on the ease of doing business. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, besides being a qualified independent director. Viraj has been recognised for Leadership in Asia by the Global Custodian.

Youssey Lak

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Youssey is a Technical Advisor for an International Trade and SME Development programme for a European International Development Agency. His experience focuses on the export agricultural-based products to China, Europe, ASEAN and Australia. He graduated with a master’s degree in Global Food and Agricultural Business at the University of Adelaide (Australia).

His areas of expertise include market research, product-market fit development, marketing strategy and communications, supply chain establishment, among others. His sectoral experience covers fresh agricultural products, spices, agricultural-based ingredients and seafood.

Sothea Mao

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Sothea Mao has many years’ experience of international trade, sales & marketing and business management. She has more than six years’ experience in FMCG businesses, food manufacturing, export and logistics, trading (export and import), product development, packaging, food regulation and design innovation.

She owns a trading company called SHE Agrocam which exports, imports and distributes agri-processed products. Sothea is a director on the board of the Cambodia Food Manufacture Association, working to share and support Cambodian food processors with corporates and development partners in Cambodia and internationally to improve and develop the food sector and agriculture. She has a Master's in Business Management.

Sokheang Mong

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Sokheang MONG has several years of professional experience in international trade, mainly in expanding the export markets of agro-industrial products to Europe, the United States, China and ASEAN. With the position of Trading Manager at SOMA GROUP, he serves as the principal advisor to the company’s Board of Directors.

In this capacity, he has developed and maintained a wide range of contacts vital to the company’s business interests, including senior level government officials, traders and trade associations. He graduated with honor in International Relations and International Business from universities in Cambodia and South Korea. Soma Group is one of Cambodia's leading local owned companies. The group has ten core subsidiaries across six business sectors: agriculture, education, hospitality & real estate, ICT & media, infrastructure and trading. In 20 years, Soma Group has grown into a highly diversified business group, guided by a commitment to operational excellence and a forward-looking approach.

Vanna Senn

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Vanna is an experienced marketing professional and has spent the last 12 years in south east Asia working with and for some of the world's leading brands and organisations. Vanna has an MBA, MA and BA from the United States and is the owner-operator of an ethical garment manufacturer based in Kampot and exporting to diverse markets such as Australia, Germany, US & Japan.


Chaitanya Shah

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Chaitanya Shah has over 45 years of experience including hands-on large industry experience at senior level – Senior Vice President, Vice President (Finance), General Manager. He has also been Visiting Faculty to eminent Management Institutes.

For last 25 years has been practising as a management advisor and mentor to small businesses and entrepreneurs. He has pulled this experience together in a book ‘What Indian SMEs need”. Chaitanya focuses on integrating business planning with financial planning and building effective organisation with strong systems & processes for profit planning and monitoring. He is Chartered-cum-Cost Accountant with a Masters’ in Finance. He has a PhD for his research into the needs of SMEs.

Mihir Shah

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Mihir Ajit Shah is a consultant and trainer specialising in foreign trade. He has degrees in commerce and law as well as an MBA. He is qualified to train Incoterms ® 2020.

His experience includes all aspects of tax and foreign exchange controls. His sectoral experience covers chemicals, cosmetics, engineering products, footwear, food products, jewellery, plastics, pharmaceutical vessels, printing, textiles and software. He also stars as the key presenter in some of our training webinars.

Mealea Sovann

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Mealea is a managing director of CLN (Cambodia) Co Ltd which specialises in agricultural logistics. Mealea has some 27 years of professional experience in logistics including management roles in Airlines GSA as well as in shipping lines and secretariat roles in United Nations bodies (UNTAC, UNMLT).

For the last 13 years, Mealea has also been a trainer at the Cambodia Logistics Association (CLA) covering topics such as import & export, freight forwarding, cargo packaging & unitization, warehouse management etc. Mealea has served as a national consultant for a Swisscontact project seeking tax exemptions for agricultural machinery spare-parts, for GIZ developing guidelines for fresh fruit exports to China and for the World Bank she provided trained trainers in Cambodian export procedures. Mealea has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from the National Institute of Business and a Master of Business Administration from Norton University.

Saurabh Trivedi

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Saurabh is an entrepreneur, business consultant, investor, intellectual property enthusiast and seasoned trademark attorney. He is co-founder and director at Boudhik Ventures. He assists entrepreneurs, start-ups, innovators and universities to establish successful business based on their technologies in India as well as in other countries. He is especially strong on supporting businesses that need to protect their intellectual property in foreign countries.


Pilaivarong Phaiboonsawat

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Pilaivarong Phaiboonsawat (also known as Ms Om) is a marketing consultant with over 20 years experience, in both the private and public sectors, supporting small and growing businesses in Thailand. She has a particular interest in sales and marketing via special channels including campaigns, events and digital marketing.


Chamroeun Uch

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Chamroeun Uch is an experienced international trade consultant and business mentor as well as holding top managerial roles in local and international institutions. He has studied law and business at universities in Cambodia, South Korea and the USA.

He is ideally suited therefore to advise on contracts, memoranda of understanding and export documentation requirements and can also offer guidance on all aspects of commercial law.

Mohammad Zubair

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Dr Mohammad Zubair is an entrepreneurial business consultant and freelance trainer. He has worked with several corporates in areas of team building and leadership, profit centre management, business development, project management, learning and development.

He is a mentor for Atal Innovation Mission. He has extensive experience in founding and growing businesses: he is founder director at Our Food Factory and Services Pvt. Ltd, a director at Rakaz Bizwiser Pvt. Ltd and business partner at Lemon Ideas Pvt. Ltd. He is a member of the advisory board of the Islamic Business School, Hyderabad.
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Shashank Randev

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Shashank Randev is Founder VC at 100X.VC - India's first venture fund to invest in early-stage start-ups using iSAFE - India SAFE Notes. With 60+ portfolio investments, the fund aims to invest in 100 early-stage companies every year.

Shashank Randev is Founder VC at 100X.VC - India's first venture fund to invest in early-stage start-ups using iSAFE - India SAFE Notes. With 60+ portfolio investments, the fund aims to invest in 100 early-stage companies every year.

He is a Member of the Executive Committee at People of Indian Origin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PIOCCI), an organization that works with reutable Indian diaspora entrepreneurs, investors, PIOs and associations across the globe. He is an angel investor and advisor with a keen interest in B2B emerging technology startups.

Previously, he was the founding member and Vice President of VCCEdge, the data platform created by VCCircle, for which he led revenue, product development and growth initiatives for close to seven years. After its acquisition by News Corporation in 2015, he served as business head for the division until 2016. He has also worked with NIIT Ltd and Zensar Technologies Ltd.

Shashank holds is a Bachelor of Engineering from Nagpur University and has an MBA from International Management Insititute (IMI), New Delhi.

Surendra Vaidya

Surendra Vaidya

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Surendra is an independent consultant, coach, mentor & trainer for small & medium sized enterprises and startups.

Surendra is an independent consultant, coach, mentor & trainer for small & medium sized enterprises and startups. Having worked with some of the world’s leading companies, including Saint Gobain, Robert Bosch, Tata Technologies and Infosys, for 28 years, he has a wealth of experience in diverse industries. He helps businesses in areas such as innovation & design thinking, business strategy, digital transformation, analytics & project management.
sunil deshmukh

Sunil Deshmukh

PROFIT Accelerator Mentor

Sunil is a strategic consultant, certified coach, counsellor and mentor. He has coached or mentored more than 100 corporate leaders in India and abroad over the last two years and thus brings a wealth of experience to the mentoring of smaller business leaders.

Sunil is a strategic consultant, certified coach, counsellor and mentor. He has coached or mentored more than 100 corporate leaders in India and abroad over the last two years and thus brings a wealth of experience to the mentoring of smaller business leaders. He has particular knowledge and expertise in the fields of accounting of financial forecasting and strategic thinking having served as both finance director and CEO of multinational companies.