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We are here to help you grow your business through international trade.


Profit Accelerator offers a wide range of support, advice, guidance and introductions to support you as you explore the scope to trade or invest internationally.

We offer a combination of information, training, mentoring, technical assistance to overcome obstacles of procedures and documentation and introductions – to potential partners as well as to financial institutions – to help you progress your internationalisation journey more quickly than you might otherwise have been able to do. We may be able to help find funding towards the cost of going on a trade mission as well.

The current covid pandemic makes it difficult to offer ‘present in person’ training but we are able to offer all our training in other ways. Indeed, there is considerable advantage in this approach, since it will make it much easier to fit the training around the other work that you still have to do to ensure that your business remains successful.

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This module, which introduces you to the benefits and challenges of international trade and investment, is not really training as such but will help you to think through whether internationalisation is right for you at this time. The module features a series of videos intended to introduce some of the opportunities for trade between India and the Greater Mekong Subregion. These are supported by a factsheets which you can download to read at your pleasure.

There are then case study videos which feature businesses from both India and Vietnam that have already made this step.

A general factsheet in internationalisation will give you more to think about. You will then have the opportunity to complete a self-assessment questionnaire. None of the questions are difficult but they will help both you and your mentor as you progress along this journey. We ask you to complete that before the last step in the introductory module, the webinar.

A live, zoom-based, webinar will provide the opportunity for you to hear a presentation that will cover the opportunities and benefits, though in a completely different way to the video introductions, and plenty of time for questions and discussion as you decide whether you are committed and determined to start to trade to invest internationally. If you do, we are ready to hold your hand all the way.


We have six training modules and each follows a similar pattern to the introductory module providing a mix of video, case study and reading. Each module will have at least one assignment, though the assignments are designed to provide you with the content that will ultimately be needed for your internationalisation action plan. Each module will conclude with a webinar to give an opportunity for questions and discussion. As you complete each module, you will be invited to join the next module.


Once you have completed the first training module, or if you are already trading or investing in a small way, you will be asked if you would like to have a mentor appointed. We will aim to match the knowledge and experience of the mentor to the needs of your business. Your mentor will help you decide which of the training modules is necessary and will support and guide you as you develop your internationalisation action plan. Once your plan is complete, we anticipate that you will want to go on a mission to meet businesses and potential partners in your chosen target country. Your mentor will be available after you return, to guide you in the completion of your plan and to introduce you to financial institutions who may be willing to provide the additional finance that may be necessary to start trading or investing.

Technical assistance

We recognise that there may be a need to answer specific questions on procedures, or standards, or documentation. Advisers in your target country, who are also almost certainly acting as mentors to other businesses, will be available to help answer those questions.


Through our direct partnership and our wider networks, we should be able to help you identify potential partners, whether you are looking for customers or suppliers or businesses with whom to work in some other way.


We will encourage you to go on a trade mission. There may be some funding available towards the cost but you will also have to contribute. However, we will ensure that you have somewhere that will host you in your target country, so that you have a base. You should have made arrangements and appointments before you go, but we may be able to suggest additional businesses with whom to meet. Depending on timing, we will be organising a series of networking events giving you a chance to meet with a wider range of businesses and business support organisations in the target country.

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