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We are here to help you grow your business through international trade.


PROFIT Accelerator offers a wide range of support, advice, guidance and introductions to support you as you explore the scope for you to trade internationally.

There are numerous factsheets available covering all the planning and implementation stages. There is also an introductory module, which is now available as a mix of reading, assignments and online webinars with an opportunity to talk to businesses already trading internationally and to our partners who can guide you through the steps.

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Following the completion of the introductory module, you will be offered the opportunity to participate in a three day training course, covering all aspects of trading internationally.


We recognise that training alone is unlikely to be enough to support your desire to trade internationally. That is why we have a network of mentors, all experienced in international trade and in assisting businesses to grow, standing by to offer advice and guidance as you develop your plan. Through our partners in each of the participating countries, we can also introduce you to potential customers, suppliers and partners


An important aspect of your planning is visiting your target country – to check it out for yourself and in particular to have the opportunity to meet with potential customer, suppliers and partners. Whilst on your mission, our partner will offer you a space where you can base yourself and hold meetings if you are looking for a neutral venue. We will also aim to provide you with at least three introductions though cannot guarantee this.


Meeting with other businesses that are already trading internationally can provide peer support as you commence your journey; meeting with a wider selection of businesses than simply possible customers or suppliers in your target country can open new opportunities, perhaps for products or services that you had not considered, or to prompt innovation. That is why we will invite you to participate in networking events in your home country and at least one networking event in your target country, provided that you travel during our suggested mission dates.


Once you return from your mission, the next step will be to complete your international trade action plan and our mentors will continue to be available to provide advice and support. Your mentor will also introduce you to sources of finance.

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