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Opportunities for Vietnam India trade & investment

2 years ago

In the last decade, Vietnam’s economy recorded a high and relatively stable growth rate of about seven per cent per annum. The country’s rapid economic growth can be observed in the development of several key sectors such as agricultural production (coffee, rubber, pepper, cashew, cassava and rice), light manufacturing (apparel, footwear and electronics) and tourism.

What are the opportunities for trade & investment between Vietnam and India?

Small and growing businesses may now be at a stage where they are considering international expansion and India provides an attractive option whether through trade or investment given its geographic and cultural proximity and its rapid growth and integration with the global economy. For businesses that are ready for this step, it is important to consider the different approaches to internationalisation including exporting, importing, technology transfer, licensing, joint ventures, as well as inward and outward investment.

This factsheet provides an introduction to opportunities for international trade and investment but the PROFIT programme cautions that not all opportunities within the highlighted sectors will be successful, that not all successful opportunities will come from these sectors and that the opportunity and business do not have to belong to the same sector. Registering for PROFIT will help you explore how to benefit from internationalising your business.